Schmeichel urged Leicester to join in on Europa

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Schmeichel urged Leicester to join in on Europa Conference League wins

Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel backs the club And teammates together to make history once again for the team to win the Europa Conference League. Report from UFABET

Leicester went through a difficult game at the Philips Stadium where they beat PSV Eindhoven 2-1. Before reaching the semi-finals with a 2-3 aggregate scoreline and reaching. The club’s first European Cup semi-finals as well. The 35-year-old outpost said. He was satisfie with the team’s performance.

“Many people in this team have been with the team for a long time. And we are continuing our work to make history together. It’s a new chapter of the story that will written. And why don’t we write it ourselves? We are a rookie club facing the biggest European football giants. It’s hard every game for us. And we’ve had luck getting past those teams. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fight. 

We have demonstrated the fighting spirit. That’s what we stand for. and we are proud of it. Everyone believed in our abilities. Clear team guidelines for the club As. The captain of the team. I am proud to have given this title. Including on behalf of the Danish national team as well. From now on we will wait to see what happens next. 

We showed in the FA Cup last year that we can beat very good teams. and went into the championship It’s another challenge for us.”

The UEFA Europa Conference League is organize. This year for the first time. And the winner of this show will automatically qualify to play in the Europa League group stage next season