Klopp insists Mane deserves the word “Legendary player of Liverpool”

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Klopp insists Mane deserves the word “Legendary player of Liverpool”

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s favorite manager Came out to confirm by himself that Sadio Mane came out handsome. worthy of the word “Legend player of Liverpool FC ” including the Senegal national team.

“In my view Every footballer in Liverpool is an important part of the club. Because without them supporting each other. We will never as successful are today,” Klopp told the UFABET.

“But if I were to talk about someone. Who was like a pillar Being someone that the team can’t live without, I thought of Sadio Mane before my friends. Which he is absolutely worthy of this admiration.”

“And having just turn 30 a few days ago. This made him an older footballer in the eyes of most people. But I can assure you that Mane is still fit, strong, full of energy all the time. And inadvertently fresher than many young players.”

“If anyone remembers, I always refer to Mane as a goal-smashing machine. who run at their best for 90 minutes in a row every match And everything he has done for Liverpool and the Senegal national team. If we were to honor him as a legend, it wouldn’t be overkill at all.”

“Currently, Mane is at the peak of his career. And I hope to maintain this good standard for many more years to come.”