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Taking care of yourself from heartbreak.

If your heartbreak and stress has accumulated for too long. In addition to causing poor mental health In the long term. It can result in many diseases such as obesity , diabetes , high blood pressure and heart disease. Therefore, reducing stress is the best solution. “Heartbreak” is intense

How does fructose in fruit juice affect health?

Fructose is a single sugar molecule. Derived naturally, it is commonly found in fruits, honey, and vegetables, where fructose is a sugar. That has to be converted by the liver to be turned into energy then applied to the body. But getting fructose Too much will result in the body’s

When is drinking coffee best for your health ?

The right time to drink coffee In order for caffeine to work effectively. It’s the late morning time between 9:30-11:30 a.m. because actually each person has different physical health. But what is similar is the work of The “biological clock” that constantly sends signals through the body telling us

Is it good to eat chicken breast often?

During weight loss, what menu do you choose to eat most often? Do you know why you have to eat “chicken breast“ if you want to have a good figure ? And what part is best to eat? It is beneficial to health in many ways as follows:UFABET Recommendations for