The tough guru criticized Arsenal for playing like a relegate team.

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The tough guru criticized Arsenal for playing like a relegate team.

Toni Cascarino has expressed his disappointment with Arsenal ‘s results in the latest Premier League game, saying Mikel Arteta’s side are performing like a relegated team, according to UFABET.

The Gunners narrowly lost 1-0 to Southampton with their third game in a row and dropped to sixth in the table with 54 points, equal to Manchester United. But less competition. more than 1 match

Cascarino told UFABET about Arsenal’s performance. Saying they are playing poorly as a team at the bottom of the table.

“It’s disappointing for Arsenal. When you’re face with this kind of pressure. You can play like a team that is about to be relegate. It’s like a team at the bottom of the table. So if you’re at the bottom of the table you probably need European football to survive.”

“As a team manager You don’t want to play like that. You want a chance to play European football and you have to grab it. But it turns out Arsenal played like a team that was relegate towards the end of the season,” Cascarino said.

Mikel Arteta is unable to find a replacement for a striker. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang may be the reason Arsenal have missed out on finishing fourth in the Premier League this season. 

“Arsenal can’t score goals, Smith-Row, Saka and Martinelli are young. They will also face moments that fail to score. And subs like Nicolas Pepe are not good enough to come in and help these youngsters.