Darwin Nunez receives praise from Klopp and provides update on future

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Darwin Nunez receives praise from Klopp and provides update on future. After being link with a number of big teams

Benfica striker Darwin Nunez has respond to the media. After receiving praise from Jurgen Klopp both before and after the UCL 3-3 draw with Liverpool last night. And update his future that has heavily rumore with many big teams across Europe throughout the week.

“Everything the Liverpool manager has said about me in the press before. It’s exactly what Benfica’s coach has said, almost 100%, of course, I’m delighted with that. But it’s not about the future because Benfica is the only team in mind at the moment,” the 22-year-old told UFABET.

“Until all matches of this season are over, I’m not wasting my time thinking about transfers or anything that has been linked to rumours. That’s what I promised myself the most.”

“Every sweat and energy I will only pay attention to the club crest on the chest of the kit. It was a work that I had to carry on until the last moment. Growing up to this point under Benfica has been a lot more fortunate than I expected.”

“I figured it out. last season I still haven’t had the opportunity to play much at all. But everything turned upside down in one season. So I have to maintain my standards. Before claiming that I am the best because if there are no teammates to support Who’s going to shoot that much?”