Bayern Munich Hey! prepare to receive ‘Harry Kane’ today.

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Bayern Munich are increasingly confident Harry Kane will travel to Germany on Friday. After all parties have cooperated very well. Sky Sport report.

Despite Tottenham Hotspur having agreed to an offer from Bayern Munich for the 30-year-old striker. British media reports said the attacking star was hesitating to move to the Bundee Sliga.

However, Sky Sport Germany and Fabrizio Romano agree that. The atmosphere of negotiations on Thursday night went well and gave Bayern more confidence UFABET

Beginning with the beer city media reports that. The negotiations between the 3 parties between the Southern Tigers, Golden Spur Chicken and Ken have been going well. Which last night’s negotiations had a positive atmosphere.

At this point, Sky Germany believes that Bayern are close to signing Harry Kane as the player once again expressed his desire to move to the Bundesliga. In addition, the player was allowed to travel to Germany for a medical examination.

The Romano side added that. The Southern Tigers are confident in closing the deal to win the England captain by Friday. And if the final details are settled to the satisfaction of all parties. Everything will go in the direction that the German champions wish.

For Ken has traveled to join the pre-season team in Perth. Australia While relations between the two teams have been good. CEO Jan Christian Driesen recently met Daniel Levy for breakfast in London last Thursday.