How to play blackjack

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  • The dealer deals cards. Starting first card being dealt to the players. Follow by the 2nd card belonging to the dealer.
  • The dealer will mark 1 card. After it has receive. And will begin to deal the 2nd round of cards. That the player will receive 1 more card eac. A total of 2 cards. Where the cards in the player’s hand must be face down. While the banker side will be face up 1 card and another 1 card down blade
  • The player draws more cards. In the event that the player is not satisfie with the points. The hand and want to increase the likelihood. But can only draw 1 additional card
  • The dealer who already has just one card drawn. Will wait for the other players to draw until all of them have been drawn.
  • The dealer draws an additional card in case it sees that his own card has no value close to the point 21. After the player has all the cards, the dealer can show the cards. The dealer’s rules are check continuously, without limitation, until a point equal to 17 is reached, until the card is stopped. Because the lowest point that the dealer must have is 17, if the player has a point that is less than 17, he will lose the dealer or in the event that the player has a point equal to 16 in the hand and is confident that The dealer must have a score of more than 21 for sure to make the player win the bet.

Blackjack Rules

For playing blackjack The first thing you should know is This card game is a game that requires thinking and memorization. You may need to study the rules of playing blackjack a bit. To start playing without damage to your wallet. however As soon as you start playing and knowing the beat, you can easily get to know the charms of Blackjack. And here are the rules of online blackjack.

  • This game will be a competition between the dealer and other players. In online blackjack you only have the right to play as a player. by starting to play Players must place their bets first.
  • The game starts after the bets have place. Or the betting timer expires The dealer will deal 2 cards to each player, and will also deal the dealer to show the players their chances of winning.
  • in counting the points Face cards numbered 2-10 will be points equal to the number. The parts of the cards J , Q , K are worth 10 points, while the ACE cards are worth 1 or 11 depending on who has the closest hand to 21. that side will win
  •  when two cards are dealt. Let you count the points of the two cards and add them together. And look at the chances of winning that you have the right to call unlimited cards. If you want to give a high score close to or equal to 21. Only if you are satisfie with the point. Can ask to stay in order to continue to win the dealer
  •  The dealer will draw a card. In order to have at least 17 points to fight. But if called more than 21 points. The dealer will lose immediately. as well as players If a card is drawn more than 21 points. It will be consider losing immediately.
  • Therefore, you will need a lot of tact when playing blackjack. In card predictions, if you have a hand of less than 16, your only right to beat the dealer is to wait for the dealer to get over. You will need to plan this section well.
  •  But if you draw exactly 21 points, you win immediately, the only caveat that you won’t win is that the dealer gets exactly 21 at the same time as you.
  •  You can double your bet. By requesting a double. This is by seeing the two cards after that. You will exercise the right but can only draw 1 more card
  •  If you get a pair of cards in the first two hands You can play open one more set. by winning at the same time for two rounds at the same time
  •  If you don’t see a chance to win or seeing the dealer’s card and thinking that he can’t fight You can hand out cards. and will only lose half of the bet and wait for the next round
  • And finally, you can bet with the banker half of your bet in that round if you see that the dealer’s hand. Chances of winning are very high. and when the dealer reveals the card and wins or get blackjack You will also be betting on that portion. But if you lose. You lose that part of the money that was wager on the dealer’s card.