Functions in the fish shooting game

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Functions in the fish shooting game.

  • Menu  The main section containing information about the game play. Chasing from the value of each fish species. Fish’s special skills Payouts and bonuses It is the first point that players should come to see. You will know how to walk the game well.
  • adjust bet limit  Almost all of them will have buttons to adjust, reduce – increase, attached to the gun at all. We will see it as a plus/minus sign. You can press to adjust the bet amount.
  • Lock the target  , it would be a pity if it didn’t hit the shot. It’s like we’re wasting money. This function will help lock the gun to the desired target. Then the gun will continue to shoot until the fish die. Or it can swim away in time.
  • Auto system.  This is to select the type of fish you want to hunt for points. We can define more than one type of fish that we want as well. Our guns will start working. By choosing to shoot fish for us automatically Make sure you don’t miss any important moments.
  • Special Guns  Anyone who has played shooting games before knows that different guns produce different results. A good gun can shoot powerfully. Tough enemies can be as simple as turning the palm of your hand. But to enable this section Must meet the conditions set by the game only.

play tips shooting fish online

Fish shooting games may sound like a lighthearted game that can be played easily. But on the other hand, many of you are unsuccessful in playing fish shooting games. because they do not know the secrets of playing fish shooting games to earn these money. Fish shooting game is considered a new game UFABET.

  1. The importance of fish shooting games is the amount of ammunition. This means the amount of bet that you will have to top up into the system. So it would be nice if you could get those ammo for free. in which the fish shooting game There are many ways to get those ammo for free. Also known as free credit, you just follow the rules, rules and special promotions on the website. presented continuously.
  2. If you are a new player We recommend that you focus only on the fish swimming in the center of the screen. Because that will make the chance of the bullet hit the fish easier. Don’t be attached to big fish or high prices. which if those fish swim close to the edge of the screen You should keep your ammo. Because it may be an investment that is not worth it.
  3. Playing fish shooting games automation or automatic shooting It’s a way to play that we don’t recommend if you don’t have enough funds. Because it allows you to lose ammunition for a reason and often get fish that don’t meet the goals we set.