Taking care of yourself from heartbreak.

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If your heartbreak and stress has accumulated for too long. In addition to causing poor mental health In the long term. It can result in many diseases such as obesity , diabetes , high blood pressure and heart disease. Therefore, reducing stress is the best solution.

  • Try to analyze the reasons why we are stressed. and solve the problem at the root cause
  • Let go, don’t stay stuck for too long and get up and move forward UFABET
  • Be sure to exercise often. Reduce symptoms of distraction (You should exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.)
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Eat nutritious food Avoid stimulating drinks.
  • Meet with friends sometimes to talk and vent about various problems. (If friends listen)
  • Manage your environment to make it pleasant, such as arranging your home or work desk to relax. plant small trees or a vase of flowers to create freshness
  • Watch movies and read funny or entertaining books.
  • Don’t block your heart from new love. If one day you meet someone new who might be better.

“Heartbreak” is intense emotional pain. It arises from the disappointment of losing a loved one for whatever reason.

Heartbreak often causes sadness and disappointment. If you do not hurry to recover and do not accept what has happened. There may be a condition called Broken Heart Syndrome or a broken heart. This causes the heart’s ability to contract sharply to decrease.