Pep pleased with Manchester City reaching the Champions League

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Pep please with Manchester City reaching the Champions League semi-finals. Nothing to say about the end of the game.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said after the 0-0 Champions League draw with Atletico Madrid progressed to the semi-finals.

The second game against Atletico Madrid ended in a goalless draw amid chaos at the end of the game. Which spread to the dressing room from the clashes and wounds from both teams, with Manchester City progressing to the next round with a combined score of two games, winning 1-0.

“Today we can celebrate. Because it is the third time in the club’s history that they have reached the semi-finals. But we cannot forget either that we only played three days ago. Depart here Many players were injured. And of course I don’t know what will happen next week.”

“We cannot come to play every game. And score four or five goals in every game. We are human and we just went through a difficult task against Liverpool.” Pep told UFABET

Pep also addressed the aftermath of the chaos that escalated into the dressing room after the game.

“Everyone must have seen the action that came out. As for me, I have nothing to say. They are champions from Spain. And they play with full energy. In the second half they played better. And we are fortunate to not concede a goal. However, we finally made it to the semi-finals. That’s the goal.”

Manchester City are still on track to win three major competitions – the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League – with them facing Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-finals. this weekend